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Todo List
Member CModule::OnInvite (const CNick &Nick, const CString &sChan)
Add OnInviteMessage() hook
Member CString::Base64Encode (CString &sRet, unsigned int uWrap=0) const

WTF @ uWrap.

This only returns false if some formula we use was wrong?!

Member CString::Base64Encode (unsigned int uWrap=0)
return value and param are as with Base64Encode() from above.
Member CString::Base64Encode_n (unsigned int uWrap=0) const
uWrap is as broken as Base64Encode()'s uWrap.
Member CString::WildCmp (const CString &sWild, const CString &sString, CaseSensitivity cs=CaseSensitive)
Make cs CaseInsensitive by default.
Member CString::WildCmp (const CString &sWild, CaseSensitivity cs=CaseSensitive) const
Make cs CaseInsensitive by default.
Member GetSockError ()
need to make this sock specific via getsockopt
Class MCString
Replace with "using MCString = std::map<CString, CString>;" in ZNC 2.0