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SHA256.h File Reference
#include <znc/zncconfig.h>
#include <inttypes.h>
#include <cstddef>
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struct  sha256_ctx


#define SHA256_DIGEST_SIZE   (256 / 8)
#define SHA256_BLOCK_SIZE   (512 / 8)


void sha256_init (sha256_ctx *ctx)
void sha256_update (sha256_ctx *ctx, const unsigned char *message, size_t len)
void sha256_final (sha256_ctx *ctx, unsigned char *digest)
void sha256 (const unsigned char *message, size_t len, unsigned char *digest)

Macro Definition Documentation

#define SHA256_BLOCK_SIZE   (512 / 8)
#define SHA256_DIGEST_SIZE   (256 / 8)

Function Documentation

void sha256 ( const unsigned char *  message,
size_t  len,
unsigned char *  digest 
void sha256_final ( sha256_ctx ctx,
unsigned char *  digest 
void sha256_init ( sha256_ctx ctx)
void sha256_update ( sha256_ctx ctx,
const unsigned char *  message,
size_t  len