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CNick Class Reference

#include <Nick.h>

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Public Member Functions

 CNick ()
 CNick (const CString &sNick)
 ~CNick ()
 CNick (const CNick &)=default
CNickoperator= (const CNick &)=default
void Reset ()
void Parse (const CString &sNickMask)
CString GetHostMask () const
size_t GetCommonChans (std::vector< CChan * > &vChans, CIRCNetwork *pNetwork) const
bool NickEquals (const CString &nickname) const
void SetNetwork (CIRCNetwork *pNetwork)
void SetNick (const CString &s)
void SetIdent (const CString &s)
void SetHost (const CString &s)
bool AddPerm (char cPerm)
 e.g. '@' for chanop. More...
bool RemPerm (char cPerm)
 e.g. '@' for chanop. More...
CString GetPermStr () const
 e.g. '@' for chanop. More...
char GetPermChar () const
 e.g. '@' for chanop. More...
bool HasPerm (char cPerm) const
 e.g. '@' for chanop. More...
const CStringGetNick () const
const CStringGetIdent () const
const CStringGetHost () const
CString GetNickMask () const
void Clone (const CNick &SourceNick)

Protected Attributes

CString m_sChanPerms
CString m_sNick
CString m_sIdent
CString m_sHost

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

CNick::CNick ( )
CNick::CNick ( const CString sNick)
CNick::~CNick ( )
CNick::CNick ( const CNick )

Member Function Documentation

bool CNick::AddPerm ( char  cPerm)

e.g. '@' for chanop.

Referenced by CChan::AddPerm().

void CNick::Clone ( const CNick SourceNick)
size_t CNick::GetCommonChans ( std::vector< CChan * > &  vChans,
CIRCNetwork pNetwork 
) const
const CString& CNick::GetHost ( ) const
CString CNick::GetHostMask ( ) const
const CString& CNick::GetIdent ( ) const
const CString& CNick::GetNick ( ) const
CString CNick::GetNickMask ( ) const

Referenced by CIRCSock::GetNickMask().

char CNick::GetPermChar ( ) const

e.g. '@' for chanop.

CString CNick::GetPermStr ( ) const

e.g. '@' for chanop.

Referenced by CChan::GetPermStr().

bool CNick::HasPerm ( char  cPerm) const

e.g. '@' for chanop.

Referenced by CChan::HasPerm().

bool CNick::NickEquals ( const CString nickname) const
CNick& CNick::operator= ( const CNick )
void CNick::Parse ( const CString sNickMask)
bool CNick::RemPerm ( char  cPerm)

e.g. '@' for chanop.

Referenced by CChan::RemPerm().

void CNick::Reset ( )
void CNick::SetHost ( const CString s)
void CNick::SetIdent ( const CString s)
void CNick::SetNetwork ( CIRCNetwork pNetwork)
void CNick::SetNick ( const CString s)

Member Data Documentation

CIRCNetwork* CNick::m_pNetwork
CString CNick::m_sChanPerms
CString CNick::m_sHost
CString CNick::m_sIdent
CString CNick::m_sNick

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